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Thursday, July 22, 2004


CJ has been in my house for over a week.  In that time I have done many things, and denied many things.  One of which is this blog.  But today I rectify that with a quick movie review update.

Spiderman 2

Excellent.  It was everything Spiderman 1 was supposed to be and a few extras.  The villian is improved upon because the outfit in the original was so lame, the comedy is notched up, and the action sequences although fewer are more impressive and exciting.  Roger Ebert said this was the best Superhero movie he has ever seen, and after some reflection upon the ones to come before this I may have to agree.  There is no reason not to see this in the theatre...with GoobersGoobers heighten everything.

I bought Street Fighter and Return of Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba.  Tarantino among others praise these as the pinnicle of martial arts movies so I intend to watch them and cast in my opinion.  And for 5 dollars for the two of them it was cheaper than renting. 

I also bought Monty Python's Meaning of Life which was brought to the forefront of my mind when a conversation about "birth control being abortion" made me think of the "Every Sperm is Sacred" Song.  After finding it cheap in Lancaster I had to purchase it.  It is funny, although not on the same level as the other Monty Python productions.

CJ is going to make me watch a bunch of stuff so more updates will be on the way.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


I recently joined the contributing ranks on CJ's site which has become the beacon and light of the BOS (Boys of Summer) universe. I haven't done much yet, but check in every once in awhile for things from me, CJ, and Dave who are the three blogs most of you read anyway. And by most of you I mean the 4 people I know read this site.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

SSX3 for PS2

Julie found a cheap copy of SSX3 at a pawn shop so we checked it out this last weekend. Its really good yet at the same time a whole different experience from SSX Tricky. I like it better in some ways and then really miss Tricky at the same time. Its similar to the transfer of Tony Hawk 3's perfection to Tony Hawk 4 which was awful in comparison. The levels are no longer seperated into long elaborate races to be beaten several different ways, but now it is an entire mountain with several peaks and various levels on each peak. The exploration of the mountain takes eons and you will probably never see it all, and character development is rather exhausting so that you will probably only get to use 1 player in the game before you shelf the game, compared to the multiplayered glory that was Tricky. I guess when I chop it all up I enjoyed Tricky more, but SSX3 is only bad in comparison to its previous title. When standing on its own it is a deep and exciting game that will entertain for hours upon hours. The graphics are improved but only slightly, and the soundtrack is just as good, with only the noticable loss of Rahzel. Its purchaseworthy, but rent it first, you might not like the taste the same after Tricky.

Two Brothers

Julie is an animal lover, especially Tigers and the more exotic safari type creatures. It is because of this love that I found myself purchasing tickets (and Goobers which are delicious) for Two Brothers instead of Spiderman 2. Plus Phil and Becky came with us and they had seen Spidey. Two Brothers is a rather simplistic movie that is carried by the assumption that the audience will be happy just watching Tigers exist instead of creating a compelling story and the like. For example the story begins with "Two Tigers play with a ball" and then "the tigers get split up", and then "A tiger plays with a butterfly" and then "the Tigers move locations" and "The Tiger plays with a tail." Etc. Guy Pierce is on hand as the best element to the movie, but you can tell that a good portion of his acting is spontaneously reacting to the erratic Tigers instead of a prewritten script. The Tigers are very impressive, and I credit the animal trainers for getting them to do the many stunts involved with the movie. But don't watch this movie unless you really just want to see Tigers on the Big Screen. Otherwise you will be disappionted. I had Goobers and Julie was happy, so I was OK.

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