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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I have ended my tenure as a Cable Guy, in related news references to the movie The Cable Guy are funny again. As such a maneuver requires the re-acquiring of a job I have moved into Auto Sales.

I work at Carman Ford on route 13 and should be allowed to sell sometime this week probably on Wednesday when we have a big used sale. Anyone looking for a new car can come visit me, or give me a call.

It is a very interesting job and it is making me into a car guy which I had avoided up until know in my life. Check this out.

We are selling one of these for around 200,000 dollars. Can you believe people spend that much money on a car.

Back to the usual updates.


A Documentary about the Quadripalegic Rugby Team Championships and the players that play on the teams.

This was an excellent documentary which was very interesting and engaging. Their were a few dirty parts but all-in-all a stunning film. If you get the DVD the Jackass feature is pretty funny too.

Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere

I buy very few cds anymore. But I broke down and bought this. If you enjoy - Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul or Funk you must buy this album. Cee-Lo the greatest funk master still making music teams up with ultra producer Danger Mouse (Jay-Z's the Grey Album, The Dangerdoom Album, and the Latest Gorillaz album) and makes a wonderful thing. Cee-lo + Dangermouse = Gnarls Barkley is only part of the equation. Cee-lo + Dangermouse = Sonic Delight

Silent Hill

Based on the Playstation 1 and 2 series of a dark town that is not quite right. A Mother and Daughter get caught in it and terror ensues.

If you enjoyed the game this movie is for you, if you have never played/enjoyed the game avoid at all costs. I think the average person will gain almost no value from this film. It is creepy and wonderfully directed but utterly void of any happiness if even temporary. As far as being a game adaptation it is by far the most accurate it is a completely true rendering of the game's style and methods.

I should have few more soon. Hopefully sooner than my usual soon.

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