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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Special Editions I am waiting for.

This year will see the re-release of many movies into sweet Special editions that I will crave and eventually join Columbia House to get. The first was The Fifth Element, and it will be followed by Predator 2, Heat, and Get Shorty. But I have a list of movies that I am dying to have released with features, some of which I even have features in mind.

Batman and Batman Returns - I want commentaries with Tim Burton and Michael Keaton, and a good section dedicated to adapting the comic, since these were the only two that came close. I think I might get my wish with these since the new Batman movie is coming out and actually looks good.

Beetlejuice - Another Burton/Keaton pick, i'll take another commentary from the same two people.

The Chinese Connection - Actually I would like the "Enter the Dragon" treatment for all of Bruce Lee's films, but especially this one which is my favorite.

Dick Tracy - I know it kind of bombed, but come on this would be a perfect pick for some special edition lovin'.

Dirty Harry - The whole series done up proper on DVD, with at least one worthwile feature on each film.

F.I.S.T. - This will never happen because it is the cheaper version of Hoffa starring Jack Nicholson instead of Stallone, but I liked it and I would like some features and widescreen.

The Jerk - Steve Martin's quintessential film should get its due. Maybe release it with the Pink Panther re-release he is starring in this summer.

L.A. Confidential - An excellent suspence cop movie. Should have ensemble commentary, that would rule.

The Neverending Story
- Family Fantasy always needs a special edition, this is not exempt.

Office Space - A cult hit without a SE DVD this is strange, I would make a mini game where you can smash a copy machine.

Raising Arizona
- I don't know what features I would put on this, but I would buy it regardless.

The Road Warrior
- Mad Max got its edition and this one is better. Although they are making a new sequel and I should get my wish.

Short Circuit 1+2 - A two pack with a few featurettes on the robot. I'm Game.

Thats a good list, maybe I'll think of some more.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Movies, rocking it out consistent.

I joined Netflix, this will be my budget way to enjoy the art of films. And I have watched two movies already. They sucked, but it was something. Next movie is Collateral and Saved, which should be good. Anyway, more movies should be reviewed regularly so you have something to look forward to. Enjoy

Resident Evil 2 : Nemesis

*Sequel to Resident Evil, a zombie action film based on the popular video game series.

The first Resident Evil was a wonderul action/zombie fest with some sweet action sequences, and a simple cool storyline. This movie is a piece of garbage. The Action sequences were a waste of time, the storyline was just stupid, and the characters had no depth. I am trying to think of a single nice thing to say, but I can't. And I tried so hard to like it, I saw the DVD features and I was so excited that I almost made myself like it. Don't watch this, for any reason.

The Bourne Supremacy

*Sequel to The Bourne Identity about a dull man with Amnesia fighting people

Also sucked. I hated the first movie but after people told me this was good I thought, why not. I will tell you why not. Matt Damon does not have more personality in this film, he might have less. The action is about the same, but the jerky camera ruined it as you run to the bathroom to vomit. Actually the whole movie is jerky and I had quite a headache after it was over, its probably the worst camera work I have seen in a long time. The storyline was almost good, but fell short with a little too much needless crap and double crossing. The movie had 2 redeeming points, first the annoying girl from the first one dies, and there was a pretty intense car chase. You could rent this, but only if you can't find something better. And there is plenty better.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Somehow I missed Mean Girls in my yearly wrap up. So I am going to slip it in at 17 right behind Napolean Dynamite which I might as well add too. So the list is as follows.

1. Big Fish
2. The Incredibles
3. Kill Bill 2
4. The Passion
5. Spiderman 2
6. School of Rock
7. Dawn of the Dean
8. Walking Tall
9. Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
10. Mystic River
11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
12. Death to Smootchy
13. The Missing
14. Buffalo Soldiers
15. Bubba Ho Tep
16. Napolean Dynamite
17. Mean Girls
18. Starsky and Hutch
19. The Village
20. Hero
21. Once Upon a Time in Mexico
22. Interstate 60
23. American Splendor
24. Dodgeball: The Movie
25. Van Helsing
26. Lost in Translation
27. Cabin Fever
28. The Grudge
29. Master and Commander
30. Dreamcatcher
31. Johnny English
32. Terminator 3
33. Two Brothers
34. Looney Tunes - Back in Action
35. Taking Lives
36. House of the Dead

And while typing this I realized I will never be a real critic because I have Starsky and Hutch Van Helsing, and Dodgeball above Lost in Translation. But I rate on enjoyment, and well maybe I'll have a job at E.

Monday, January 03, 2005

New Reviews for the New Year

Chronicles of Riddick

*Riddick from Pitch Black returns to save the galaxy from cool Ghost Soldiers

Pitch Black was one of the better Sci-Fi movies that came out in the last few years, and so I was interested in the concept of a sequel. I of course missed it in the theatre and after CJ bought it I have been pushing for a watching, which happened tonight. It's a cool action movie if you check your brain at the door, its decent if you don't. I checked mine so I was all set. As a nice bonus you get the cool Electro-Girl from Angel the TV series which was awesome. I was really hoping for her to become a regular and so it was groovy to see her in action again. I will buy it used, Vin Diesel is just too cool as Riddick not to.

Shaun of the Dead

Slacker and friends battle Zombies and drink beer.

Zombies? Comedy? I'll buy it. And I would have bought it blind but it was nice to confirm its greatness before I dropped coin. Its great fun, and yet it takes seriously many of its zombie elements, and also takes seriously its homages to previous Zombie flicks. If you are a Zombie movie fan, this is a must own, if not you should enjoy the comedy anyway.

New Acquistions

Bobby and Sherri spoiled me and buried me in movies

Shaolin Soccer

I really wanted to see this for awhile, but I missed the screening that all of my other friends seem to have caught but now my time will come.


Said to be a lousy bomb, I have my doubts. I mean it has Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Rachel Weisz, and Christopher Walken, plus it is directed by Barry Levinson (Bandits). I bet its funny, but you know stupid funny. I guess we'll see.

Billy Elliot

I don't know much about this one, but Bobby vouches for it. Which is enough for me.

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